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hogsalt relief

Dear Friends of Hogsalt,

Several years back, we started an Employee Emergency Fund. The idea was that any employee who wanted to could pitch in and that money would be donated to help out whomever suddenly found themselves in critical need.

It was a great idea, and it has done a lot of good. But we’ve now collided with an emergency that dwarfs our fund. So we’ve decided to broaden the net of our emergency fund to include donations from the people who walk through our doors and support our restaurants and team members.

If you have the desire or capacity to pitch in to our newly expanded Employee Emergency Fund, we can assure you that it will go right to where it’s needed.

Our goal is to give our 600+ servers, chefs, cooks, polishers, baristas, bakers, bartenders, barbacks, food runners, cashiers, hosts, and support staff some relief during this crisis, in addition to paying their full premiums of health insurance for the month of April. Donations of $500 or more will be eligible for a $500 gift card for use at a Hogsalt restaurant upon reopening.

Join us in caring for the livelihood and well-being of our hospitality professionals. They need your help at this critical time. Protecting them now helps ensure that they will be there in the future to serve you.